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Marketing Conference

April 3, 2019
Pensthorpe Nature Park, Fakenham NR21 0LN
Marketing Conference GENIX Marketing Conference Pensthorpe Nature Park, Fakenham NR21 0LN GENIX leanne@genix.org.uk

Marketing Conference

Google & Smartphone Video

At this event you will learn how to get to grips with the world’s most popular search engine, Google. We will also show you how to create your own digital marketing content with your phone or tablet.

Google My Business:

Paul Brittain will be guiding you through the step by step guide to creating your own Google My Business page listing. See how imagery and reviews will help build your SEO ranking and learn how to create posts that will share your business with thousands of daily users.

Paul Brittain is Google Level 10 Local Guide qualified and an award-winning Google Trusted Photographer with over 17.5 million online views.

Smartphone Video Content:

Nick Pandolfi will explain why video content is increasingly more important in marketing your business and how a simple smartphone or tablet could be your marketing best friend. He will show you handy tips in creating content that promotes your business to a wider customer and client base.

Nick Pandolfi has won several awards for his broadcast work with the BBC and works in Film and TV.

Join us at Pensthorpe Nature Park, Pensthorpe, Fakenham NR21 0LN


Supported by North Norfolk District Council


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