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Jan 2018

Small Businesses Unsure of What They Own

Every Business Owns Intellectual Property, What Do You Own? is the title of a business event taking place in Norwich on Wednesday 28th February, arranged and hosted by GENIX Business Support.

Intellectual property (IP) will account for a large part of the value of many businesses and yet often, the owners haven’t given it a moment’s thought. The conference will cover the four main areas of intellectual property; trademarks, designs, copyright and patents and will explain how to protect intellectual property rights.

The interactive session will draw on examples and provide delegates with a clear understanding of what they need to consider for their business. The keynote speaker will be, Gary Townley, from the Intellectual Property Office.

Leanne Castle from GENIX said, “We are pleased to be hosting this conference to help businesses know what images and designs are protected by copyright. In a recent survey 74% of businesses were unsure who owned the intellectual property rights to their website, logo, artwork and photographs.

“There will be plenty of opportunity during the session for delegates to ask questions and to network during the coffee break.”

The three hour conference is sponsored by i101 Digital, supported by the Business & IP Centre Norfolk in the ‘Norfolk & Norwich Millennium Library. Tickets cost £10 per person.

For more information and to book tickets see here

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