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Business blogging – should I bother?

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Business blogging – should I bother?

Running your own business is hard – whether you’re a sole trader, or run a small business with a handful of staff – the pressure’s always on. So, isn’t having a business blog just something else to worry about, after all – you’ve got a website, isn’t that enough?

Well, if you’re serious about connecting the dots between your business, generating traffic, and converting leads, then perhaps it’s time to think again – here are five reasons why you need a business blog:

1)     It increases your website’s visibility – every new post you add, is another new page that gets indexed by search engines – helping improve your rank in organic search.

2)     It establishes authority – show that you’re an expert in your field and you’ll also increase the chance of other websites linking back to yours – another way of optimising search.

3)     It enhances your brand – a blog creates rapport between you and your audience; it’s the modern equivalent of standing behind a counter, having a chat and offering advice to your customers. The tone of your blog should convey how you want to be perceived.

4)     It can convert traffic – getting people to your website is all well and good, but adding a call to action within your blog encourages customers to take that next step and hit the buy button.

5)     Be social media savvy – a blog is great publicity and an easy way to share information – be enthusiastic and you’ll inspire others to quote you, Tweet you, and link to you.

Business blogging shouldn’t be a chore, it’s about showcasing your enterprise and letting people know how great you are at what you do – just make sure it’s relevant (and mind the typos).


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