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How business networking will help your business to grow

Leanne Castle

If you are a small or micro business and want to generate sales by finding potential new business partners via introductions and recommendations – networking with like minded people can help you achieve that aim.

How can it help?

·        By gathering general business information when sharing conversations with other business people you learn new ideas and share general business information

·        Mixing with other business owners will lead on to follow up meetings for a one to one chat over coffee. You then can go into more detail about your business letting the other person know what sort of clients you are looking for

·        By building strong business relationships with others they will turn to you to share knowledge, best practice and experiences this will lead onto recommendations and orders

·        You’ll find your competitors out networking too. Take the opportunity to network with them, you’ll find the differentiations between your companies and you can concentrate on these when talking to potential clients or developing your marketing plans

·        Established company owners are often invited to speak at networking events. Make the most of these opportunities to be inspired, learn from their errors and take away their top tips to try out in your own business

·        By becoming the trusted person, known for linking others together you will be the ‘go to’ person – a useful thing to be

·        By following up every lead and thanking people who recommend you will lead to new clients, more sales and higher profits

As a final thought - before entering a networking meeting ask yourself what you aim to achieve from the session.  Are there specific people you want to meet? Do you want to promote a product or event to as many people as possible or build business relationships for the long term?

Whatever target you decide upon, use it to make the most of the time away from your desk and at the end of the session ask yourself if you’ve met your objectives.

GENIX Business Support holds monthly business networking events in north Norfolk. There are no membership fees, just £5 payable on arrival. 

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